Rapid traverse G00

G00 Linear interpolation in rapid traverse
If G00 is selected, the rapid traverse speed of the axes specified in the machine parameters is used. Here, the resulting speed of the axes is given by the condition that at least one axis is moved in rapid traverse. Any number of straight movements could be programmed in the
Cartesian coordinate system (X, Y, Z). All programmed tracking axes are moved with linear velocity in such a manner that the start and the end of their movement take place simultaneously to that of the main axes.
Absolute dimensional input:
Nnnnn G00 G90 X120 Y80 U90 (traverse from P1 to P2)
Incremental dimensional input:
Nnnnn G00 G91 X80 Y60 U60 (traverse from P1 to P2)
Fig. 4-1: Positioning in rapid traverse
Special case: Alignment of a circular axis using G00 G90
If a rotatory axis is programmed through G00 with active G90 (G90: Absolute programming) the programmed target position is calculated in modulo. That means, that the rotatory axis moves a half-rotation in maximum.


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