What is mean by tool offset

Tool Offset:-
           This is one off the main part of the CNC machine. This will an affect the job and part program .it will mansion the tool distance from machine zero and distance from the job.
Tool offset is used to compensate for the difference when the tool actually used differs from the imagined tool used in programming (usually, standard tool).
In this unit, there is no G code to specify tool offset. The tool offset is specified by T code.

Tool offset type:-
  1.   Geometry offset method
  2.   Wear offset method
  3.    Work offset method Or Work shift ( G54 )

Tool Geometry Offset and Tool Wear Offset:-

Tool geometry offset and tool wear offset are possible to divide the tool offset to the tool geometry offset for compensating the tool shape or tool mounting position and the tool wear offset for compensating the tool nose wear.

Tool Selection:-
                        Tool selection is made by specifying the T code corresponding to the tool number.  Refer to the machine tool builders manual for the relationship between the tool selection number and the tool.

         N50 T02        (Second number tool selection)

Tool wear offset:-
                    The tool path is offset by the X, Y, and Z wears offset values for the programmed path.   The offset distance corresponding to the number specified by the T code is added to or subtracted from the position of each programmed block. It’s called wear offset.

Tool geometry offset:-
With the tool geometry offset, the work coordinate system is shifted by the X, Y, and Z geometry offset amounts.  Namely, the offset amount corresponding to the number designated with the code is added to or subtracted from the current position.

Tool offset cancel:-
                   Offset is cancelled when T code offset number 0 or 00 is selected. At the end of the cancelled block, the offset vector becomes 0.

N1 X50.0 Z100.0 T0202; (Creates the offset vector corresponding to offset number 02)
N2 X200.0;
N3 X100.0 Z250.0 T0200; (Specifying offset number 00 deletes.)


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