Explain Part program

Part program:-

          A part program consists of a set of machining instructions that the operator wants to execute.

A part program uses alphabetic text for its instructions and numeric information as the target values for those instructions. In this way, a CNC program can be developed as a series of instructions, each of which performs a machining operation. Complex machining tasks can be accomplished by combining machining operations.

  • v   G Codes
  • v  M Codes
  • v  Letter Address
  • v  G00, G01, G02, G03, G04
  • v  Canned Cycles
  • v  Multiple Repetitive Canned Turning Cycle
  • v  Canned Cycle For Drilling
  • v  Canned Grinding Cycle (Grinding Machine Only)
  • v  Circular Interpolation
  • v  Polar Coordinate Interpolation (G12.1, G13.1)
  • v  Cylindrical Interpolation (G07.1)
  • v  Constant Lead Threading (G32)
  • v Variable–Lead Thread Cutting (G34)  
  • v  Continuous Thread Cutting
  • v  Multiple–Thread Cutting
  • v Skip Function (G31)  
  • v Multistage Skip  
  • v  Torque Limit Skip (G31 P99)
  • v  Inch/Metric Conversion (G20, G21)
  • v  Diameter And Radius Programming
  • v Constant Surface Speed Control (G96, G97)  
  • v  Programmable Parameter Entry (G10)
  • v Polygonal Turning  


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