G01 Linear interpolation (Cutting feed)

G01 Linear interpolation (Cutting feed)

 Tools can move along a line.

A tools move along a line to the specified position at the feed rate specified in F.

          The feed rate specified in F is effective until a new value is specified. It need not be specified for each block. The feed rate commanded by the F code is measured along the tool path. If the F code is not commanded, the feed rate is regarded as zero.

Function and purpose:-
          Command G01 involves use both a coordinate word and a feed rate command. This command moves linearly a tool from the current position to the ending point specified by a coordinates word, at the  feed rate specified by address F. the feed rate specified by address F ,however ,acts as the linear velocity to the direction of movement of the tool center .

          Once this commend has been given , the G01 mode will be retained until any other G-code commend that overrides this mode ,that is ,either G00,G02,G03,G78,G33,G92 or fixed cycle is given . Thus a coordinate word will only need be given if the text command is also G01, that is, if the feed rate the next block remains the same.

          A programming error will result if an f-code command is not given to the first G01 command.

          G00 X200.0 Z40.00;         ( POSITION )
          G01 X100.0 Z-90.0 F300;  ( Cutting feed 300 )
                 Z-100.0 F15.0 ;                   ( cutting feed 15 )
                  X140.0 Z-220.0 ;      ( same cutting feed )
          G00 X200.0 Z40.0 ;          ( position )


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