How to make Cylindrical interpolation G07.1 program

Cylindrical interpolation G07.1

          Cylindrical interpolation function refers to a function by which the sides of a cylindrical workpiece are machined .the cylindrical interpolation function capable of programming in the form in which the sides of a cylinder are spread can very prepare programs including cylindrical cam grooving.

Programming format:-

         G07.1 C___ ; Cylindrical Interpolation mode ( C:Cylindrical Radius )

G07.1 C___ ; Cylindrical interpolation cancel mode


          The moving distance of rotational axis commanded with an angle is converted to the linear distance on the circumference in CNC. After the conversion, linear interpolation or circular interpolation is given with the other axis .After the interpolation, the calculated movement is converted again to the moving distance of rotational axis.


1.   Plane selection:-
Giving the circular interpolation between the rotational axis and other linear axis during cylindrical mode requires the command of plane selection (G17, G18, and G19).
                   G18 Z__ C__ ;
                   G02 / G03 Z__ C__ R__;
2.   Radius designation
The circular radius by word address I, J, or K cannot be commended during cylindrical interpolation mode. The circular radius is commanded by address R. the radius must be commanded not with angle, but with MM or Inch.
3.   Tool nose radius compensation :-
Giving the tool nose radius compensation during cylindrical interpolation mode requires the command of plane selection as with the circular interpolation. However, giving the tool nose radius compensation requires start-up and cancel during cylindrical interpolation mode. Establishing a cylindrical interpolation mode with the tool nose radius compensation given does not provide proper compensation.
4.    Positioning:-

Positioning cannot be accomplished during cylindrical interpolation mode. Positioning requires establishing a cylindrical interpolation cancel mode.

          When the cylindrical radius is not commanded, a cylinder is defined taking as radius current value of X-axis when G07.1 is commanded.


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