How to make Thread Program In G32 Fanuc Machine

Thread Programming : -  (G32)
          Function and purpose:-
                   The G32 command control the federate of the tool in synchronization with the spindle rotation and so this enables both the straight and scrolled thread cutting of constant leads and the continuous thread cutting.
          Detailed Description:-

1.   Constant surface speed control function should not be used here.

2.   The spindle speed should be kept constant throughout from the Roughing until Finishing.

3.    When a threading command is programmed  during tool nose R compensation ,the compensation is temporarily cancelled and the threading executed.

4.  The threading command waits for the single rotation synchronization signal of the rotary encoder and start movement.
The number of thread in the long axis direction is assigned as the number of thread per inch

Programming Format:-

          Straight thread:-
                   G00 X__                (  Thread cutting Diameter )
                   G32 Z__ F__          ( Thread Length  &  F= pitch )
                   G00 X__                ( X axis Position return )
          Taper thread:-
                   G00 X__
                   G32 X__ Z__ F__
                   G00 X__

M20 x 1.5 P x 4MM Length
N1 G28 U0.0 W0.0 ;         ( Home Position )
N2 G00 T0101 ;               ( Number One Tool Selection )
N3 G97 S500 M03;            ( Spindle Speed And Direction Selection )
N4 G00  X22.0 Z1.0 M08; ( safe position  & coolant on )
N5 G00 X18.50       ;        ( Thread cutting point X Axis )
N6 G32  Z-4.00 F1.5;       ( Thread cutting 4MM length )
N7 G00 X22.0;                 ( Position Return )
N8 M09 M05 ;                  ( coolant off , spindle stop )
N9 G28 U0.0 W0.0;          ( Home Position Return )
M30;                                ( Program End )


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