Spindle Clamp Speed Setting G50

Spindle clamp Speed Setting:-

Function and purpose:-
          The code G50 can be used to set the maximum and minimum spindle speeds at addresses S and Q, respectively.

Programming Format:-
          G50 S__ Q __ R__
          S        =        Maximum Spindle Speed
          Q       =        Minimum spindle speed
          R        =        Spindle for Speed Clamping

Detailed Description:-
          For gear change between the spindle and spindle motor, four steps of gear range can be set by the related parameters in steps of 1 min-1 (rpm). In range defined by two ways, parameter setting and G50 S__ Q__ setting, the smaller data will be used for the upper limit and the larger data for the lower limit.

Spindle for Speed Clamping is to be set by address R.
          R1: Turning Spindle 1st chuck
          R2 : Turning Spindle 2nd chuck
          R3: Milling Spindle

          The default value is “R1” (automatically set if argument R is omitted). In this case the speed of turning spindle 2 can be raised up to the highest value in accordance with the machine specification concerned


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