Spindle Functions

Spindle function:-
          When the S5-digit function is added, this function must be set using the numerical command of five digits preceding an S code (0 to 99999) and for other case, two digits proceeding by an S code is used.
          S command binary outputs must be selected at this time.
By designating a 5-digit number following the S code, this function enable the appropriates gear signals, voltages corresponding to the commanded spindle (rpm) and start signals to be output.
          Processing and completion sequences are required for all commands.
The analog signal specifications are given below:-
Output Voltage       :____________
Resolution             :____________
Load conditions     :____________
Output Impedance :____________

If the parameters for up to 4 gear range steps are set in advance, the gear range corresponding to the S commanded will be selected by the NC unit and the gear signal will be output. The analog voltage is calculated in accordance with the input gear signal.
Parameter corresponding to individual gears
          Limit speed, maximum speed, gear shift speed and maximum speed during tapping.
Parameters corresponding to all gears
          Orient Speed, Minimum Speed



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