Face Grooving Cycle G74 Or Longitudinal Cut-Off Cycle

Face Grooving Cycle G74 Or Longitudinal Cut-Off Cycle

            This function is used for smooth disposal of machining ships in longitudinal cut-off machining. For SS materials which produce hard-to-cut machining chips this function can be managed for easy machining chip disposal. You can use this cycle for drilling

Programming Format:-

            G74 R__;

         G74 X__ Z__ P__ Q__ R__ F__ S__ T__;


            R        =        Distance of Return

          X        =        Absolute Value / Incremental Value of X-Axis

          Z        =        Absolute Value / Incremental Value of Z Axis

          P        =        X-Axis Movement Distance

          Q       =        Z-axis cut depth

R        =        ( 2nd R )Tool Escape Distance at the Bottom of Cut

          F        =        Feed Rate

          S        =        S Command

          T        =        T Command

Drilling Cycle :-
         For drilling X, P and R (2nd ) are  not required .Omit these dada.

1.   During single block operation, all the blocks are executed step by step2.   Omission of address X , P and R( 2nd ) provides the operation of Z axis alone , resulting in peck drilling cycle.3.   R ( 1st ) and R ( 2nd ) are both command values address R. the differentiation is given by whether Z is commanded together . that is ,the command R together with Z results in the flat of R ( 2nd )4.   Cycle operation is performed in the block where Z is commanded
Sample program:-

            G00 G96 G98 ;
            G28 U0 W0 ;
            X100. Z2.0 ;
            G72 R2. ;
            G72 U-50. Z-40. P5. Q7. F150. S100 M3 ;
            G28 U0 W0 ;
            M30 ;


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