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Facing Cycle For Fanuc Control G72 or Transverse Roughing Cycle

Facing Cycle in Fanuc Control G72 or Transverse Roughing Cycle

Programming format:-

G72 W__ R__ ;
G72 P__ @__ U__ W__ F__ S___ T__ ;

W       =        Cutting Depth

R        =        Escape Distance

P        =        Head Sequence No. For Finishing Shape

Q       =        End Sequence No. For Finishing Shape

U       =        Finishing Allowance and Direction In X Axis Direction (Diametric Vale)

W       =        Finishing Allowance and Direction in Z Axis Direction

F        =        Feed Rate

S        =        Cutting Speed

T        =        Tool Number


         If F and S commands exist in blocks defined by p and Q, they will be ignored during roughing cycle because they are considered for finishing cycle.

Sample program:-

N01     G00 G96 G98 ;
N02     G28 U0 W0 ;
N03     T0101
N04     X176. Z2.  ;
N05     G72 W7. R1.
N06     G72 P06 Q13 U4. W2. F100 S100 M3
N07     G00 Z-80. S150 ;
N08     G01 X120. W8. F100;
N09     W10.;
N10     X82. W11. ;
N11     W20. ;
N12     X35. W21. ;
N13     W12. ;
N14     G70 P06 Q13 ;
N15     G28 U0 W0 M5 ;
N16     M30;


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