Fixed Cycles for Turning

Fixed Cycles for Turning
                          When performing roughing and other such operations during turning, these functions permit to command in a single block the machining program which is normally commanded in several blocks. In other words, they simplify the machining program. The following types of fixed cycles for turning are available.


          G90    or      G77    = Longitudinal Turning Cycle 
          G92    or      G78    = Threading Cycle
          G94    or      G79    = Transverse Turning Cycle.

Programming Format:-

          G90 X__ Z__ R__ F___ ;


         G77 X__ Z__ R__ F__ ;

Same for G92, G94

X        =  X cutting point
Z        = Z turning length
R        = Taper Value (Radial)
F        = Feed Rate.
Longitudinal turning cycle G90 or G77:-

1.   Straight turning

2.   Taper turning

Threading cycle G92 or G78

1.   Straight turning  

2.   Taper turning

Transverse turning cycle G94 or G79

1.   Straight turning

2.   Taper turning


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