Mirror Image On / Off G15.1 / G50.1

Mirror Image On / Off: G15.1 / G50.1

Function and Purpose:-

          Mirror image mode can be turned on and off for each axis using G-codes. Higher priority is given to the mirror image setting with the G-codes over setting by any other methods.

 Programming Format

          G51.1 X__ Y__ Z__                    Mirror image ON
          G50.1 X__ Y__ Z__           Mirror image OFF


          Use the address and coordinates in a G51.1 block to specify the mirroring axis and mirroring center (using absolute or incremental data), respectively

          If the coordinate word is designated in G50.1, then this denotes the axis for which the mirror image is to be cancelled .Coordinate data, even if specified, is ignored in that case.

          After mirror image processing has been performed for only one of the axes forming a plane, the rotational direction and the offset direction become reverse during arc interpolation, tool diameter offsetting, or coordinate rotation.

          Since the mirror image processing function is valid only for local coordinate systems, the center of mirror image processing moves according to the particular counter preset data or workpiece coordinate offsetting data.

Sample Programs:-

          G00 G90 G40 G49 G80
          M98 P100
          G51.1 X0.0
          M98 P100
          G51.1 Y0.0
          M98 P100
          G50.1 X0.0
          M98 P100
G50.1 Y0.0

G91 G28 X0.0 Y0.0
G90 G00 X20.0 Y20.0
G42 G01 X40. D.01F120
G40 X0.0 Y0.0


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