Multiple Thread Cutting Cycle G76

Multiple Thread Cutting Cycle G76:-
G76P (m) (r) (a) Q (Δd min) R (d);
G76X (u) _ Z(W) _ R(i) P(k) Q(?d) F(L) ;

m                =        Repetitive Count In Finishing (1 To 99)
r                  =        Chamfering Amount
a                  =        Angle of Tool Tip
P                  =        m, r, and a are specified by address P at the same time.
Δdmin          =        Minimum Cutting Depth (Specified By the Radius Value)
d                 =        Finishing Allowance
I                  =        Difference Of Thread Radius If I = 0, Ordinary Straight       Thread Cutting Can Be Made.
K                 =        Height of Thread
Δd                =        Depth of Cut in 1st Cut (Radius Value)
L                 =        Lead Of Thread (Same as G32).

1.   In the blocks where the multiple repetitive cycle are commanded, the addresses P, Q, X, Z, U, W, and R should be specified correctly for each block.
2.    In the blocks in which G70, G71, G72, or G73 are commanded and between the sequence number specified by P and Q, M98 (subprogram call) and M99 (subprogram end) cannot be commanded.
3.   In the blocks between the sequence number specified by P and Q, the following commands cannot be specified.
One shot G code except for G04 (dwell)
01 group G code except for G00, G01, G02, and G03
06 group G code
M98 / M99
4.    When G70, G71, G72, or G73 is executed, the sequence number specified by address P and Q should not be specified twice or more in the same program.
5.    The blocks between the sequence number specified by P and Q on the multiple repetitive cycle must not be programmed by using “Direct Drawing Dimensions Programming”.
6.   The multiple repetitive cycle cannot be executing during DNC operation.
7.   Interruption type custom macro cannot be executed during executing the multiple repetitive cycle.
1.   In the block which is specified by address P of G71, G72 or G73, G00 or G01 group should be commended. If it is not commanded, P/S alarm No.65 is generated.
2.   In MDI mode, G70, G71, G72, or G73 cannot be commanded. If it is commanded, P/S alarm No. 67 is generated. G74, G75, and G76 can be commanded in MDI mode.


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