Programmed Data Setting G10

Function Purpose:-
                The G10 command allows tool offset data, work offset data and parameter data to be set or modified in the flow of program.

Programming Formats
Programming Workpiece Offsets
          Programming format for the workpiece origin data
          G10 L2 P__ X__ Y__ Z__ ……. (Additional axis)
          P :      0 = Coordinate shift (Added Feature)
                   1 = G54       
                   2 = G55
3 = G56
4 = G57       
                   5 = G58
6 = G59
Data of P-commands other than those listed above are handled as P = 1.
If P-command setting is omitted, the workpiece offsets will be handled as currently effective ones.

Programming Tool Offsets:-
          Programming format for the tool offset data of Type A
          G10 L10 P__ R__
          P : Offset number
          R : offset amount

Programmable Parameter Data Input:-
          G10 L50 …………….. Parameter input mode ON
          N__ P__ R__
          N__ R__
          G11…………………… Parameter input mode OFF
                   N : Parameter number
                   P : Axis number (for axis type parameter)
                   R : Data of parameter

1.   Do not use the G10 command in the same block with a fixed cycle command or a subprogram call command. This will cause a malfunctioning or a program error
          G10 L2 P1 X-100 Y-1000 Z-100 B-1000


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