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Cincinnati Machine G Codes List:-

G00            =       Rapid Traverse (Linear)
G01            =       Linear Interpolation
G02            =       Circular Interpolation CW
G03            =       Circular Interpolation CCW
G04            =       Dwell
G09            =       Exact Stop
G12            =       Contouring Rotary Axis Unwind
G15.1         =       Polar Coordinate Programming (Blot Circle)
G15.2         =       Polar Coordinate Programming (Part Contour)
G150          =       Scaling Off
G151          =       Scaling On
G152          =       Position Towed Tailstock
G18            =       ZX Plane Select
G20            =       Straight or Taper Turning Cycle
G21            =       Straight or Taper Facing Cycle
G28            =       Auto Return to Reference Point
G29            =       Auto Return from Reference Point
G32            =       Threads per Inch Threading
G33            =       Threading Constant & Variable Lead
G34            =       Auto Multiple Pass Threading Cycle
G35            =       OD/ID Groove Cycle
G35.1         =       Face Groove Cycle
G36            =       Move To Next Operation Location
G36.1         =       Check End of Pattern
G40            =       Tool Nose Radius Compensation OFF
G41            =       Tool Nose Radius Compensation on LEFT
G42            =       Tool Nose Radius Compensation on RIGHT
G45            =       Acceleration/Deceleration ON
G46            =       Acceleration /Deceleration OFF
G52            =       Local Coordinate System
G60            =       Positioning Mode
G61            =       Contouring Mode
G62            =       Diameter Programming Mode
G63            =       Radius Programming Mode
G70            =       Inch Programming
G71            =       Metric Programming
G72            =       Stock Removal Finish Cycle
G73            =       Stock Removal Turning Cycle
G74            =       Stock Removal Facing Cycle
G75            =       Stock Removal Copy Cycle
G80            =       Reset Fixed Cycle
G81            =       Drill Cycle
G82            =       Counter Bore/ Spot Drill With Dwell Cycle.
G83            =       Deep Hole Drill (Peck Drill) Cycle
G84            =       Tap Cycle (Conventional)
G84.1         =       Rigid Tap Cycle
G85            =       Bore/Ream Cycle
G86            =       Bore Cycle
G87            =       Back Bore Cycle
G88            =       Web Drill / Bore Cycle
G89            =       Bore / Ream With Dwell Cycle
G90            =       Absolute Dimension Input
G91            =       Incremental Dimension Input
G92            =       Position Set
G92.1         =       Position Sets Setup Offset
G93            =       Inverse Time Federate
G94            =       Feed Per Minute Federate Mode
G95            =       Feed Per Revolution Federate Mode
G96            =       Constant Surface Speed
G97            =       Constant Spindle Speed Cancel(S=Rpm)
G98            =       Machine Coordinates (Tool Tip)
G98.1         =       Machine Coordinates
G99            =       Position Set Cancel


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