Cincinnati Machine M Codes List| Cincinnati M code List Free Traning

Cincinnati Machine M Codes List:-

            M00                =          Program Stop
            M01                =          Optional Stop
            M02                =          End Of Program (Do Not Put Tool Away)
            M03                =          Spindle on CW
            M04                =          Spindle on CWW
            M05                =          Spindle Stop
            M06                =          Tool Change, Not Retracted, Shortest Path
            M06.1 =          Tool Change, With Retract
M06.2 =          Tool Change, No Retract, Increasing Tool       Numbers
            M06.3 =          Tool Change, No Retract, Decreasing Tool Numbers
            M08                =          Coolant #1 ON
            M09                =          Coolant OFF
            M13                =          Spindle On CW, Coolant #1 On
            M14                =          Spindle On CCW, Coolant #1 On
            M19                =          Oriented Spindle Stop
            M30                =          End Of Program
            M34                =          Enable Data Acquisition
            M35                =          Disable Data Acquisition
            M48                =          Feedrate & Spindle Speed Override Enable
            M49                =          Feedrate & Spindle Speed Override Disable
            M60                =          Chip Conveyor On
            M61                =          Chip Conveyor Off
            M62                =          Barfeeder Enable
            M63                =          Barfeeder Disable
            M80                =          Release Chuck Jaws
M81                =          Grip Chuck Jaws
M80.1 =          OD Work Holding Releases Part, ID Grips Part
M81.1 =          OD Work Holding Grips Part, ID Releases Part
M82                =          Advance Part Catcher
M83                =          Retract Part Catcher
M86                =          Advance Tailstock Quill
M87                =          Retract Tailstock Quill


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