Drilling cycle G83 or G87

Drilling cycle (G83 or G87):-
If depth of cut is not specified for each drilling, the normal drilling cycle is used.  The tool is then retracted from the bottom of the hole in rapid traverse.

G83 X(U)_ C(H)_ Z(W)_ R_ P_ F_ K_ M_ ;
G87 Z(W)_ C(H)_ X(U)_ R_ P_ F_ K_ M_ ;

X_ C_ or Z_ C_  :  Hole position data
Z_ or X_   :  The distance from point R to the bottom of the hole
R_  :  The distance from the initial level to point R level
P_  :  Dwell time at the bottom of a hole
F_  :  Cutting feedrate
K_  :  Number of repeats (When it is needed.)
M_  :  M code for C–axis clamp (When it is needed.)Examples

M51  ;                       Setting C–axis index mode ON
M3 S2000 ;               Rotating the drill
G00 X50.0 C0.0 ;       Positioning the drill along the X– and C–axes
G83 Z–40.0 R–5.0 P500 F5.0 M31 ;   Drilling hole 1
C90.0 M31 ;              Drilling hole 2
C180.0 M31 ;            Drilling hole 3
C270.0 M31 ;            Drilling hole 4
G80 M05 ;    Canceling the drilling cycle and stopping drill rotation
M50 ;                        Setting C–axis index mode off


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