Front Drilling Cycle (G83) / Side Drilling Cycle (G87)

The peck  drilling  cycle  or  high–speed  peck  drilling  cycle  is  used depending on the setting in RTR, bit 2 of parameter No. 5101.  If depth of cut for each drilling is not specified, the normal drilling cycle is used.

High–speed peck drilling cycle (G83, G87):-

This cycle performs high–speed peck drilling. The drill repeats the cycle of drilling at the cutting feedrate and retracting the specified retraction distance intermittently to the bottom of a hole.  The drill draws cutting chips out of the hole when it retracts.


G83 X(U)_ C(H)_ Z(W)_ R_ Q_ P_ F_ K_ M_ ;
G87 X(U)_ C(H)_ Z(W)_ R_ Q_ P_ F_ K_ M_ ;

X_ C_ or Z_ C_  :  Hole position data

Z_ or X_   :  The distance from point R to the bottom of the hole

R_  :  The distance from the initial level to point R level

P_  :  Dwell time at the bottom of a hole

F_  :  Cutting feedrate

K_  :  Number of repeats (When it is needed.)

M_  :  M code for C–axis clamp (when it is needed.)


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