G02 Circular interpolation CW , G03 -CCW Program Method

G02 Circular interpolation CW:-

The command below will move a tool along a circular arc.( CW )

          Once the G02 or G03 command has been given, this command mode will be retained until any other G-code command used to override the G02 or G03 command mode, that is , G00 or G01 of command given .
The direction of circular movement is determined by G02 / G03
G02:   CW (clockwise)
G03:   CCW (counterclockwise)

Program Format:-

G02 or G03 X___ Y___ Z__         I___ J___ K___ F___
X : Arc ending point coordinates , X axis ( absolute value )
Z : Arc ending point coordinates , Z Axis ( absolute value )
Y : Arc ending point Coordinates , Y Axis ( absolute value )
I : Arc Center , X axis ( radius command , incremental value of start point )
K : Arc center , Z axis ( incremental value of start point )
J : Arc center , Y axis ( incremental value of start point )
F : Feed Rate
Rotational direction
                   CW (G02) or CCW (G03)
Arc ending point coordinates
                   Given with address X, Z, Y, U, W, V.
Arc center coordinates
                   Given with address I, J, K (incremental dimension)
Feed rate
                   Given with address F.

          G02 X120.0 Z70.0 I50.0 F200.0 ; ( absolute data setting )
          G02 U100.0 W-50.0 I50.0 F200.0 ; ( incremental data setting )

          G02 or G03 during circular interpolation refers to the rotational direction in the right handed coordinates system when seen from the plus side toward the minus side of the coordinate axis perpendicular to the plane to be interpolated.
          If the coordinates of the ending point are not set or if the starting and ending points are set at the same position, designating the center using address I, K or J will result in an arc of 360 degrees ( true circle )

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