How to make Spiral interpolation G02.1 G03.1 Program

Spiral interpolation G02.1 G03.1    
                                Command G02.1 and G03.1 provide such an interpolation that the starting and ending points are connected smoothly for an arc command where the radial of the both points difference from each other  

          1. Circular movement directions of G2.1 and G3.1 correspond with those G02 and G03 respectively.

          2. Radius designation is not available for spiral interpolation. The start and end points must lie on the same arc for a radius designation

          3. Conical cutting or tapered threading can be done by changing the radial of the arc at its starting and ending points and designating a linear–interpolation axis at the same time.

          When a radius is designated, this command will be regarded as a radius designated circular interpolation

Programming Format:-

Plane G17
                   G17 G2.1 or G3.1  X__ Y__ I__ J__  F__ P__
          Plane G18
                   G18 G2.1 or G3.1 Z__ X__ K__ I__ F__ P__
          Plane G19
                   G19 G2.1 or G3.1 Y__ Z__ J__ K__ F__ P__

                   X Y or ZX or YZ = Arc end point Coordinates
                   I J or K L or J K = Arc center coordinates
                   P : Number of pitches ( P can be Omitted If Equal to 0.)
                   F : Rate of feed along the tool path

Spiral Interpolation

More detail:-

          Take care not to use radius designation (R) for spiral interpolation; otherwise a normal circular interpolation will be executed.

          It is not possible for a spiral interpolation the starting and ending points of which should have different center specified.


          Programming for spiral contouring with incremental data

                   Plane G17
                   Arc end point coordinates
                             X= 0.0  , Y = -15.0
                   Arc center coordinates
                             X= 0.0 , Y = 45.0  and pitch 2.00

Program :-

          G00 X0.0 Y-45.0    ( Approach the start point )
          G01 Z-0.5              ( in feed on the Z –axis )
          G2.1 X0.0 Y-15.0 I0. J45.0 F300 P2.    ( Spiral interpolation )
          G00 Z3.0               ( Return on the Z axis )

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